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 Vegetable oil is affordable earth friendly fuel !
Welcome to our gallery page. Below are some pictures of various installations and some happy customers. If you are a customer please send us any photos you would like to share. Our friend Julie brought us a sign and a killer box of homemade cookies. The sign hangs in our shop.

Thanks Julie...


Stickers are great way to spread information about using veggie oil for fuel. We try to include one with every order.

This is the original Fattywagon... 1982 Benz 240D 4 speed...  Purchased for $150... it now has over 40K miles on the single tank system...

A view from the rear... Yes it has a stack!


Here is a couple pictures of our dog Poncho in the Ponton at the start of the Alpine 500

Here are a few picture of various customers... and their cars...

Sophia and Mike bought my old wagon... It has 20K miles on the single tank system...


We converted Mariah's Old Benz to a Fattywagon...

Julie and Marni stopped in for some modifications to their SD's single tank system. Julie is a teacher and drives the car daily. She also does most of the maintenance on her Benz. They have made at least 2 trips to Portland on WVO.

Nick stopped in to let us know how well his single tank system is working. As an avid cyclist he enjoys the fact that using WVO reduces pollution.

Our buddy Dean stopped by to show off his new WVO WGN license plates.... For Dean it's all about the details... He even has the Euro delivery Badge.... He has been using WVO for about a year in his wagon which BTW has over 480K miles. He gets WVO from his "Amigos" who have a Mexican restaurant. He thinks the occasional pepper he finds give his car a little extra power... The dog is Poncho...


Steve came down from Auburn to have us install a single tank on his very clean Euro wagon.

Carl, Catherine, Chief and their 97' Dodge which has a 2 tank Fattwagons system. They use the truck for their merchandising business. Carl has figured he can save about $2,500 each year by using WVO


Eileen stopped in for a check up and to visit with Poncho... We converted her Ford to a 2 tank system during the summer.

Corey and her friends brought in her Jetta TDI to have an injector line heater and an A-1 JR. installed.

Here's Erik with his recently converted  TDI.

Here's Valentin with his 95 Powerstroke. He sells grape seed oil to restaurants and delivers it with his truck which runs on the used he collects from his customers. The picture is taken inside  his Napa CA warehouse. If you would like to know more about the health benefits of cooking with Grape seed oil here's a link to his website.


Here's a picture of a recent acquisition... A 78' euro 300D with 4 speed, no climate control and hand crank windows...

Our 1953 W120 Diesel with the Webasto sunroof. Is this the oldest Fattywagon?

A close up of the hood ornament... The Devil made me do it...

We installed our 2 tank "On Demand" system on Neil's 98' Cummins / Dodge.


This is Larry's 96' Dodge Cummins with 360K miles. This truck runs and drives great. We outfitted it with Fattywagons products and our "On Demand" fuel system

James dropped by in his WVO powered Hino motor home on his way back home to Canada and purchased an A-1 filter from us...

Here's a picture of his on board de-watering / filtering system...

Here are some pictures of a conversion done on a 95' Powerstroke Ford. This photo shows the 3 port switching valve and 2 port purge valve. The gauge is for setting the rail pressure to 60 PSI and is removed after the pressure is set.

Our system uses 2 primary electric fuel pumps and separate filter systems. One for the WVO and another for diesel. We remove the stock primary fuel pump and modify the secondary fuel pump to work as an on demand pump. The bolt on the top adjusts the rail pressure.

Here is a picture of the modified pump installed.

Here's a picture of the competed installation.

For more details on our Powerstroke conversion visit our install page.


Are you intesrested in the size of different filters? From left to right  is the Raycor 1000 series, then the Fattywagons A-1-H, 2nd from the right is the Vormax tm, and at the far right the FH2300 Fleetguard tm filter. The Raycor 1000 and the our A-1 use the same element.


This is one of our first A-1 filters.

These photos show our single tank installed in Julies 82 SD. After the install they left on a WVO powered trip to Oregon...


Close up Mike H.'s  A-1 installation

If you think the A-1 filter is too big...  check out this install in Glens 98 TDI Beetle...

Here's a TDI with an A-1 JR that retains the stock air cleaner.


Here's an A-1 Junior installed in a Golf TDI

Here's an A-1 filter installed in Martins 98' Diesel Blazer.

The A-1 under the hood of a 96' Dodge

An Early A-1 mounted to a tank in the bed of a 98' Dodge

Our tank heater and  A-1 filter mounted in the bed of a 95' ford.

Here's our A-1 in the bed of another Ford Powerstroke.

This is our CNC waterjet cutting machine. It cuts aluminum parts with 50,000 PSI water pressure. We use this machine to cut the parts for our A-1 filters and some of the other items we sell.


A batch of A-1's under construction.




Some injector line heater pictures

On a TDI

On a 300 D with our jumper kit.

On a 300 D with a Vegtherm Heater

Rich found these 12 volt pumps at Harbor Freight on sale for $25.00... they're quiet and they work great...

And the best part is the whole thing fits in the pail when you're finished with it...

Showing the gauge panel installations.

Here's a nice job on a TDI dash.

Showing the tank Tanktherm heater

Showing the tank heater installations.

Details of our Hydrotherm fuel line heater.


A little something to for the W123 fans... 

And a W116

And some dead Benz's

This is the new Bosch / Duramax electronic injector