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 Vegetable oil is affordable earth friendly fuel !


Before asking any questions please take some time to read our site thoroughly, especially the Q and A section. Try to have a clear idea what information you are looking for before you make your call. It is likely that someone before you has asked a similar question and it has already been answered. WVO and Biodiesel are not the same thing. We get several calls a day asking about Biodiesel .  What we are selling is equipment to run Diesel engines on WVO. If you are interested in Biodiesel there are many sites available that explain what it is and how to make it. Just click on  this link (Biodiesel) and you will have more information than you can handle.


E Mail is sent to infofattywagons@gmail.com PLEASE include WVO in the subject title. Because of spam, we often delete mails that don't have a subject relating to WVO.

To purchase a product please use the ADD TO CART buttons on the products page.  We do our best to fill all orders once each week.

If for some reason this cannot be accomplished we will notify you when to expect your order.

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